The Cupcake Challenge

Making learning fun.

Want to learn to design and make some fantastic cup cake toppers and take home not only the cakes but the tools you used on the course to repeat this at home, amazing your friends and family with your new found skills?

You will learn to how design your own cupcake toppers or how to follow a pattern for creating seasonal designs whilst improving your maths and English by following recipes, working out ingredient amounts, looking at temperatures, designing 3D shapes, writing your own recipes and ideas.


These skills will help your confidence grow and maybe take on other baking challenges in the future and help you have fun with friends, family or children.

Maths and English

We are a specialist maths and English provider who excels in contextualising this into a variety of subjects to suit learner needs and interests. We provide the opportunity to gain additional qualifications along the way. We adapt your learning sessions by providing interesting content for you whilst developing your maths and English skills.

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