Reflection is something we should exercise.

Life can rush by at a frantic pace and sometimes we forget to breath, meditation has been used for 1000’s of years to relax, calm and rest the mind and body.


Relaxation begins with breathing properly, how often do we take a really deep breath and focus on ourselves for a moment?


During this course we will be using Maths and English skills to explore meditation and the history of it, the effects on mental health, the way we count our breathing and lots more.


We will also be undertaking guided meditation sessions and learning the skills to carry on this practice at home.

Maths and English

We are a specialist maths and English provider who excels in contextualising this into a variety of subjects to suit learner needs and interests. We provide the opportunity to gain additional qualifications along the way. We adapt your learning sessions by providing interesting content for you whilst developing your maths and English skills.

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