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Warehousing and Storage Level 2


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Course Overview

Over 2 million people in the UK work in the warehousing, storage and logistics industry and it is worth an estimated £93 billion to the country’s economy.

The Awareness of Warehousing and Storage e-learning course offers a flexible delivery option for apprentices undertaking the level 2 certificate or intermediate apprenticeship in warehousing and storage. This online course covers the underpinning knowledge for the two mandatory units and one optional unit of the qualification.
The course is also a useful resource for learners wishing to further their knowledge of how to work safely and effectively within a warehouse or storage setting.

Who is it aimed at?
The course is ideal for learners undertaking the level 2 certificate in warehousing and storage (RQF) or staff working within a warehouse or storage facility who wish to further their knowledge.

No prior knowledge needed

How It Works
Our e-learning is available to use on multiple platforms such as tablets, PCs and laptops. All you need is an internet connection. Learners simply log on and work their way through the course, along with the scenarios that provide them with real-life context.
Learners are assessed at the end of the course by multiple-choice questions.

Learners will receive an e-learning completion certificate, which is downloadable upon successfully finishing the course.

Why Choose E-learning?
We make the most complex of subjects easier to digest through media and content-rich exercises that motivate and engage learners. All of our e-learning uses interactive exercises and gaming combined with media-rich content, interactive scenarios, and relevant photography and illustrations. Content is provided by industry-leading experts. What that means for your learners is stimulating and engaging content they’ll respond to and, most importantly, remember.

Key elements of our e-learning courses are:
interactive exercises/gaming
media-rich content
interactive 3D scenarios
content provided by market leading experts
relevant photography and illustrations
multi-generational content and style

Course Content

Areas covered

  • Working safely

  • Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and COSHH

  • First aid

  • Workplace safety monitoring

  • Manual handling

  • Working relationships

  • Job descriptions

  • Organisational policies and procedures

  • Misunderstandings and difficulties

  • Food safety enforcement

  • Health and safety and security

  • Environmental factors

  • Legal requirements

  • Operating requirements

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Personal health and hygiene standards

  • Replenishment

  • Waste disposal

Course Duration

2 - 3 hours


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