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Math Formulas

If you’re aged 19+ and don’t have GCSE maths grade C (or equivalent), Multiply is available to you. 


Multiply is part of the government’s Skills for Life campaign to link national and local communications​. To debunk negative stereotypes around poor numeracy skills and change perceptions to recognise that numeracy skills are worth having.

Not a “numbers person”? You’re not alone.

Improving your maths skills could help unlock job opportunities and lead to higher wages, prepare you for further study, or simply help with everyday tasks at home – from paying bills and budgeting, to helping the kids with their homework, or even in the kitchen.

There are courses for beginners and those who want to build on the foundations of their maths knowledge, to more advanced courses such as a Level 2  maths Functional Skills Qualification, or equivalent.

Does weighing ingredients leave you in a sweat in the kitchen? Improving your maths can help with everyday tasks at home.  

Does helping the kids with their maths homework leave you feeling puzzled? Dust off your calculator and brush up on your skills with free, flexible courses through Multiply. 

We all use maths in our day to day lives - from budgeting the weekly shop to paying our household bills. Think you might need help? You can access free numeracy courses through Multiply.  

#SkillsForLife #Multiply #UnlockYourPotential #MathsSkills #MathsConfidence 

Image by John Schnobrich

Our aim is to have the right learner, on the right programme,

at the right time.

Placing the learners at the heart of
their learning programme.

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