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Teach Yourself To Help Your Kids

Let's do it together.

"I Can't Do Maths": If You're Saying It, Your Kids Probably Are Too!

Homework supports your child's learning at school, and is a great way for them to develop life skills, such as time management and self-discipline. Unfortunately, homework is also often a source of arguments and unnecessary stress.

Imagine the difference you could make to your child’s progress in maths and English if you knew how to help them!

But how can you if you don’t know the methods they use in school?

Because teaching methods today are very different, parents and carers can worry that they will end up confusing their child rather than helping them.

Whatever your English and maths skills, you can still help your child with homework whilst developing your own skills.

The aim of Eden Training Academy is to encourage parents and children to explore maths and English to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of it.

Eden Training Academy provides extensive help to parents become confident in how maths and English is taught, so they can enjoy helping their child.

By reinforcing the learning at home, children will develop their confidence and gain a deeper understanding of maths and English.

The adult curriculum for English and maths is aligned to the National Curriculum and we help you understand and develop your skills whilst having fun.

Image by John Schnobrich

Our aim is to have the right learner, on the right programme,

at the right time.

Placing the learners at the heart of
their learning programme.

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