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Day in the Life of an Eden Training Academy Tutor


It’s a new week and a new course is starting.

I pop to the office early doors to catch up with my colleagues and pick up my resources for the week ahead.

It’s then time to head to the centre where I’m delivering the course this week. I’ve not been here before so it’s great to meet the centre manager who shows me round, including where the all-important coffee machine is!

We then get all set up with paperwork and pens (and the all-important coffee and snacks!) and the learners start to arrive 1 by 1.

I know how daunting and nerve wracking it can be to walk through that door on the first day I try my best to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

Once everyone has arrived, we get started, we go through our plan for the day including paperwork and assessments as well as what the group will hopefully learn and gain from the course and the group seem to have a better idea of the course ahead.

The afternoon is spent doing some activities to get people started such as the infamous road signs flash card challenge and a word-search that gets people waaay more frustrated than it should!! 😝

We finish for the day around 2:30 and that gives me time to update my paperwork and get all tidied up ready for the next day. This is always a nice chance to have an informal chat with the learners and answer any questions they might want to ask me 1-1 and generally get to know them a little better.

I then head back to the office to update my manager on how many arrived and how everything went and pop my paperwork in the dockets (and secretly hope our resident baker Gemma has made some of her infamous brownies!).

It’s then time to head home and get organised for the next day where we go again 💪

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